Obalon Balloon Weight Loss System: What Are You Waiting For?

Today, more Americans are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body mass index. Despite this, many people find that they are unable to lose weight no matter what they do. One of the reasons for this is the slowing down of metabolism which occurs with age. As a result, you might be eating healthy and exercising just as much, but you continue to put on weight, giving rise to the dreaded middle-aged spread.

For those fighting a seemingly uphill battle against obesity, modern technological solutions are available today that never existed before. The Obalon balloon weight loss system is one of the most promising non-surgical weight loss treatments that has been approved by the FDA. The procedure is quite simple. You simply swallow a large capsule attached to a small flexible tube. Within the capsule is a balloon made of very thin plastic. Nitrogen gas is pumped through the tube to inflate the balloon to approximately the size of an orange. Up to 3 balloons may be placed over a period of 3 months. This restricts the amount of food you can eat at a time, leading to dramatic weight loss. After 6 months, the balloons are punctured and removed endoscopically.

But that’s not all. During treatment, you receive professional nutrition and exercise support. You are thus eased into a healthy way of life gradually, so that once the balloons are removed, you are in a better position to make the right choices that ensure you don’t regain the weight. As Obalon balloon weight loss system does not involve any cutting or incisions and the balloons remain within the body for only 6 months, there are minimal side effects or risks associated with this procedure.

If your weight loss efforts aren’t bearing any fruit or worse still, you appear to be gaining weight, what are you are waiting for? The time to act is now! The Obalon balloon weight loss system might just be the key to victory in your battle against obesity.

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Weight Loss Without Surgery

The introduction of bariatric surgery has revolutionized the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidities. It is highly recommended when diet, exercise and medicines fail to bring about significant weight loss in the severely obese.

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