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Most people who have been fighting a battle against obesity will agree that the actual losing of weight is not as hard as maintaining the weight loss achieved in the long term. A study done in 1999 estimated that only 20% of overweight/obese Americans could sustain a weight loss of 10% of their bodyweight for at least a year. This is partly because many people follow a type of yo-yo dieting which involves going on an ultra-strict diet for a short period resulting in significant weight loss, but the moment they come off the unrealistic diet all the lost weight quickly returns. So how do you lose weight permanently? Let us look at 2 options for permanent weight loss – Orbera Weight Loss Program and Ideal Protein.

Orbera is a balloon made from soft silicone that is inserted inside your stomach through your mouth. It is then inflated so that you will have a sense of fullness without eating much. The balloon remains in your stomach for about 6 months. It has been designed to allow you to achieve 3 times more weight when compared to exercise and diet alone. The balloon allows you to practice portion control without feeling like your stomach is empty. During this time, you will have open communication with a support team to help you to maintain your healthy eating habits. Once the balloon has been removed, you remain in contact with your support team for another 6 months to further reinforce your healthy lifestyle ensuring that the weight loss is permanent.

Ideal Protein is a medically structured weight loss protocol that conditions your body to live off its fat reserves. This is done by completely depleting carbohydrate reserves and providing high quality protein and nutrient-rich supplements to ensure your muscle mass is protected while your fat is being used for fuel. You will be provided one-on-one coaching and lifestyle education giving you in-depth understanding on how to avoid fat storage. This personalized approach will ensure that the weight loss is significant and long lasting.

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Weight Loss Without Surgery

The introduction of bariatric surgery has revolutionized the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidities. It is highly recommended when diet, exercise and medicines fail to bring about significant weight loss in the severely obese.

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