Having Trouble Losing Weight?

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America with nearly 38% of adult Americans suffering from this condition and more than two-thirds of the population being overweight. Given the fact that being obese or overweight is the most common medical reason for young people being unable to enlist in the military, obesity is indeed one of the biggest threats to America in more ways than one!

A recent study reveals that almost half of the American population would like to lose weight. Most people are successfully able to lose weight at some point in their lives, but maintaining that weight loss is a totally different story. Some studies suggest only 5% will be able to successfully maintain the weight loss for more than 5 years. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule, but the sad truth is most people fail to achieve permanent weight loss despite adhering to strict diets and following workout routines. Weight loss tends to reach a plateau as the body finds a way to adjust to lowered calorie intake and standard workout routines. If you can relate to the frustration/emotion of those individuals who have failed despite trying everything to lose that unwanted weight, it may be time to look at Orbera.

Orbera is an innovative, non-surgical weight loss system backed by a 20-year history of clinical experience. When compared to the plethora of weight loss treatments available today, the Orbera system has consistently proven to be the better option. It involves the temporary placement of a gastric balloon that promotes satiety, reduces hunger, and results in 3 times more weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone. Being a non-surgical system means no incisions, stitches or scars. What’s more, you also have a team of experts to guide you every step of the way until you are firmly set on the path of healthy eating so that those extra pounds are gone for good. Call us to find out if you are a candidate for the Orbera Weight Loss System.

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Weight Loss Without Surgery

The introduction of bariatric surgery has revolutionized the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidities. It is highly recommended when diet, exercise and medicines fail to bring about significant weight loss in the severely obese.

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