9 Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

Losing weight around the holidays can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Here are some tips to keep your diet and your waistline in check this holiday season.

  • Wake Up with Exercise: Make exercise the first thing you do in the morning, especially in the holiday season. This way you are done with this very important part of your weight loss plan before any other holiday activities or errands come up.
  • Plan Fun-Filled Physical Activities: Learning a new type of dance or sport that you would enjoy, hiking, swimming, or even going for long leisurely walks are great ways to burn calories while having fun.
  • Grab a Healthy Snack Before the Party Starts: If you are invited to a party where health food options may be limited, have a healthy snack before you go to minimize the risk of overeating unhealthy foods.
  • Watch Your Portion Sizes: Holidays give you the opportunity to try out different types of food that you normally don’t indulge in. Just make sure your servings are small and try to slow down and relish every bite.
  • Focus on the People and not on the Food: Whether you are a host or a guest at the party, make sure that the meal is not the focus but just a medium or excuse to enjoy the company of your friends or family. This way you won’t feel you’re missing out when you eat less.
  • Practice Re-Gifting Sweets and Other Calorie-Rich Food Gifts: If you receive delicious food and candy as gifts from your well-meaning friends and family you can spread the holiday spirit around by donating the food to a hospital, a homeless shelter, or even sharing it in the office cafeteria.
  • Compensate for any Dietary Indiscretions: Add an extra 10 minutes to your workout or take the intensity up a notch if you have overeaten at a party. Make sure you are earning it by burning it.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Being well rested means you are more likely to deal with unexpected holiday stresses in a positive manner rather than make rash decisions such as emotional eating or binge drinking.
  • Keep Your Long-Term Goals in Mind: Before going for that second serving at the buffet or skipping your workout ask yourself if this will take you where you want to go. Be in control of the holiday season, don’t let it control you. You’ll end up healthier and more fulfilled.

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Weight Loss Without Surgery

The introduction of bariatric surgery has revolutionized the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidities. It is highly recommended when diet, exercise and medicines fail to bring about significant weight loss in the severely obese.

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